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The following interactive client forms are available for LAURA TAX SERVICES clients to pre-fill online and sign in advance of the filing process:

CIS - Client Info Sheet

All the client information you'll need to provide for a quick and timely filing of your income tax return.

1040 - Income

Income, Adjusted Gross Income, Payments, Simplified General Rule, Tax and Credits, and Dependent Care Expenses.

Schedule A - Itemized Deductions

Medical Expenses, Taxes You Paid, Interest You Paid, Gifts to Charity, Job Expenses and Other Misc. Deductions, Form 2106, and Gambling Expenses.

Schedule B D - Interest and Dividends or Capital Gains

Bank Interest, Bank Dividends, and Stock Information.

Schedule C - Sole Proprietor or 1099

Business Income, Business Expenses, Cost of Goods Sold, Vehicle Information, House Information.

Schedule E - Rental Income

Rents Received and Rental Expenses..

Other Forms

Aircrew Member Expense Information

Tax Deduction List

LLC Order Form

Corporation Order Form

Business Use of Vehicle Supplemental Questionnaire