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Laura Tax Services


Contact Us Caroline Ave: (317)543-3211 Moller Rd: (317)293-8786

Every year millions of taxpayers overpay their income taxes because they don't take advantage of deductions, credits and other tax benefits available to them. We're so convinced that our competitors are making mistakes, that we'll do a thorough review of your tax return?.for FREE.

Now you may be thinking?.I don't have time to go sit in a LAURA TAX SERVICES office; my day is busy.

We understand.

That's why we offer this program with a "drop-off" service. Simply bring your completed return by one of our offices on your way to work?.and we'll call you when it's ready. If you are REALLY BUSY ? just pull up out front and we'll come out and pick up your information (call ahead to let us know!).

There is no cost for this service.

We simply want to help you find mistakes that were made on your return to get more money in your pocket? and win you as a customer. When we DO find an error we'll amend your return for just $55 ? then give you a $55 discount off your service for the next year. If we don't find a mistake, there is no charge for the review. So even if we need to amend your return, the net cost to you ends up being ZERO!

Remember, whether we find a mistake or not, there is no charge for the review. So you can have all this work done...for FREE!

Don't delay, bring in your tax return and let us pore over it to find any overlooked tax credits or missed deductions to see if the IRS owes YOU money! You have nothing to lose and possibly a bunch of money to gain, so call to schedule your FREE review today.