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With LAURA TAX SERVICES you always get our "IRS-PROTECTED" Accuracy Guarantee at No Extra Charge. If we make an error on your tax return and it is discovered after the return has been filed, LAURA TAX SERVICES will pay all penalties and interest that result from that mistake. However, LAURA TAX SERVICES is NOT responsible for additional taxes that may be required due to an error.

In addition to our Accuracy Guarantee, you may want the added IRS protection of LAURA TAX SERVICES "Worry Free Guarantee ®". With this additional protection, LAURA TAX SERVICES agrees to pay not only penalties and interest for mistakes, but we will also pay any TAXES YOU MAY OWE (up to $5,000 for the Deluxe plan and $3,000 for the Basic plan) due to an error on our part! You have the option of choosing either the Basic Plan (three years of coverage) or the Deluxe Plan (five years of coverage).

You can rest easy with the combination of our Accuracy Guarantee and Worry Free Guarantee protecting you from the IRS and an unexpected tax bill!